At first glance, a resume seems like a pretty simple and straightforward document. It grabs the details and hits a few of the high points regarding your background and aptitude as an employee. It is fairly concise, usually a page or so in length. So, all things considered, it should take only about 20-30 minutes to knock one out and get it circulating, right? Wrong. Way wrong.


There is a finesse to the art of resume writing that takes time and precision, and your stellar job offers will likely be more plentiful if the writer has some experience in the field. A professional resume writer will have a knack for writing paired with specialized skills in the area of career development. And, while many folks can do a great job at writing an average resume, there are few individuals who have the time or the know-how to put together a document that will turn heads and guarantee results.


We have compiled 5 reasons why choosing to work with a professional resume writer may be the best choice for you and your future…

  1. Resume writers offer the benefit of personal distance. Maybe there is a specific honor or credential that you are particularly proud of but is lacking relevance to the job which you are pursuing. You may have trouble parting ways with such pieces of the resume, but the writer has no emotional ties to your past efforts and can easily delete portions of the resume that may need to go.
  2. Resume writers have a keen eye for embarrassing typos. We know that you have edited and re-edited your resume several times over. Yet, there are often still errors that remain in professional documentation. A professional resume writer has loads of editing experience and a keen eye for the grammatical errors or other such typos that need to be corrected before the page makes its way into the hands of your potential boss!
  3. Resume writers have highly specialized skills. Many writers have seen and handled hundreds of resumes and have developed an excellent recognition for detail in language, semantics, and grammar. The misuse of such details may go unnoticed by the average job seeker but will boldly stand out to an experienced writer. The suggestions and implications of some such errors will have a powerful impact on the hiring manager if not corrected.
  4. Resume writers know the job market better than just about anyone. If you want to put your resume and your future in someone else’s hands, why not choose a person who keeps tabs on the job market on a daily basis. Professionals in the world of resumes and career advancement make it their business to keep up with the latest trends at it pertains to the job seeker and what new details that a hiring manager might be looking for across a wide spectrum of career fields.
  5. Resume writers recognize that it all comes down to money. If you want to land the higher paying jobs, then you have to factor in what it takes to get you there. While resume writers may charge a flat package fee or an hourly fee to work with you, this cost can be weighed against the money that you will gain by landing the premier job of your choice. Or, in turn, the cost of hiring a professional can be weighed against the money that you will be losing if you keep sitting stagnant on the job market without an income for another six months. So, looking at it from that perspective, it’s a win-win situation.

Our very own Steve Hankins, at Platinum Resumes, and his team of writers offer a wealth of experience with extensive backgrounds creating strategic, personalized documentation for those seeking to advance their career. If you keep hitting a wall with your job search techniques and are past the point of frustration, then it’s time to consider taking some advice from a hired professional. Give us a call today at 816.986.0909!