Why hire a CPRW when many people have never heard of a CPRW or Certified Professional Resume Writer. Established in 1991.  The Professional Association of Resume Writers created the CPRW certification process as a means of bringing credibility to the resume writing industry. It remains the most widely recognized certificate in resume writing. This guarantees your resume is being expertly written and designed by a professional.

The certification process consists of a 4 module test, including a mock resume and cover letter. Ultimately, the tests are graded anonymously by a Certification Committee who have also earned the CPRW credential and received training in test scoring. An applicant passes only by meeting the necessary scores on all modules, resulting in a pass rate of under 40%. You would likely not trust your taxes with someone who is not a CPA, do not trust your most important career tool with someone who is not a CPRW.

Only a handful of CPRWs serve the Kansas City area, and we have been one for 5 years. Do not trust anyone else with your professional future.

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