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What Do Professional Resume Writers Charge?

Professional resume writing services can cost anywhere from $400- $2,000 per resume. These fees often vary between how many hours the writer invests in the project, your work history, and the credentials of your writer. When you hire a resume writer, you often get results directly based on your investment. In other words, you get what you pay for when hiring a professional resume writer. A quality resume takes a lot of time, attention to detail, understanding of the client, and a professional resume certification is highly recommended. When you hire a professional resume writer, you are working with someone who has dedicated their career to crafting professional documents, and they often have years of experience catching employers’ attention & landing interviews. They are skilled in blending your work experience, personal goals, accomplishments, and education in a way that sets you apart from the competition. The lower-end resume writers often use a template you could download [...]

What Do Professional Resume Writers Charge?2021-11-03T17:59:39-05:00

Where can I get a Resume Done?

For many, the process of getting a resume completed can be daunting. Unless you're a writer by trade, you're probably not too confident writing one yourself, and even then, you may be working with out-dated resume guidelines. So, where can you turn when you need to get a resume done? Local Career Centers can often provide help with your resume.  Typically Career Centers are located on college campuses and assist students or other career seekers in identifying and working toward career goals, finding suitable careers or graduate school programs, getting referrals to employers, boosting networking skills, and assisting with resume creation.While this is an excellent service in many ways, it still leaves the writing up to y0u. The employees working in the Career Centers are usually not certified professional resume writers, so they won't be able to offer you the level of expertise you may want or need. You could also use an online template. [...]

Where can I get a Resume Done?2021-10-11T15:49:35-05:00

The One Thing You Should Never Do at Work

You overhear your coworkers talking by the water cooler, “Did you see what he was wearing?” For some, it might be tempting to join in, especially if you also thought those neon green pants your co-worker was wearing were outrageous! But, before you join in, remind yourself this—there is never an upside to gossiping at work. Keep these things in mind before engaging in gossip at work: When you talk negatively about others, studies show people associate negative characteristics with you. Some people talk bad about other people to try to make themselves look better than—but it often has the opposite effect. The people you gossip with won’t trust you, and you can’t trust them. Odds are those same people are talking about you behind your back, and they will think the same of you. You have no idea what that person is going through. Maybe that guy with the neon green pants had to [...]

The One Thing You Should Never Do at Work2021-10-08T16:07:46-05:00

It’s Back to School Time: How to Manage Work & School

It's that time of year again where many employees decide to continue their education. Working and managing school is never easy, but here are a few tips on how to manage your workload. 1.Organize - Staying organized is critical to being successful balancing work and school. I highly recommend using a calendar, marking deadlines, and dedicating time on your calendar to make sure you give yourself time to complete your assignments. Personally, I am old school--it helps me to write things down in a planner. 2.Prioritize - It's super important to prioritize your growing workload. Prioritize based on weight of assignment, deadline, and importance. Then, set aside time based on the prioritization. I recommend starting each day with a list based on your priorities for the day, and check things off as you go. 3. Lean on Relationships - Make sure to keep your professors and your manager aware of your schedule and any upcoming [...]

It’s Back to School Time: How to Manage Work & School2021-09-24T15:30:23-05:00

Common Interview Questions & How to Answer Them

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you went into an interview knowing exactly what questions you’d be asked? While we do not have a crystal ball, we can tell you what some of the most common interview questions are for new hires and give some advice on how to answer. 1. Tell me about yourself. This question often trips people up because it’s so open-ended. The best way to answer this question is by pretending you’re selling yourself and come up with a marketing pitch for yourself as it relates to what you can bring to the job. “I am a dedicated, hard-worker with strong communication skills…” 2. Why should we hire you? This is your chance to really sell yourself. Share what unique skills and experience you can bring to the team. Make sure to share the point that you have the knowledge necessary to excel in the position and bring up something that only [...]

Common Interview Questions & How to Answer Them2021-09-07T10:16:44-05:00

Networking is Harder in 2021 & Here’s What You Can Do

There's no question that Covid-19 has made networking harder over the past year. Some people are still social distancing, working from home, and after work events are cancelled. This is making it harder than ever to network with your colleagues. However, it's still an essential part of your career success. Networking is harder but more important than ever. Networking is a great way to get your name out there, and to build your professional reputation. Recruiters are also more likely to call you in for an interview if they've interacted with you before. The same goes for business partnerships and building a client base; people want to work with professionals they trust. Networking is a great way to build that trust. Networking is essential to success in most industries. Yet, it's been much more difficult to arrange in person meetings and network during the pandemic. Here's what you can do: use online networking platforms. Online [...]

Networking is Harder in 2021 & Here’s What You Can Do2021-08-16T20:43:33-05:00

What Are Soft Skills & Why They Matter

What Are Soft Skills & Why They Matter Soft skills are common or core skills that are typically desirable regardless of your profession. These are usually skills you've acquired through experience, or may simply be part of your personality. Soft skills are abilities you've learned through life experience, self-teaching, and emotional intelligence. Soft skills matter because they are critical to your success at work. These are skills that are very difficult to teach during new hire training; they are gained through years of experience, successes and failures, and some people just possess them naturally. Soft skills are typically just as important to employers as hard skills and help you stand out among competitors. These skills enable you to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people at your work. Here are some examples of soft skills: Time management Public Speaking Creativity Problem Solving Interpersonal Skills Communication Skills Adaptable to Change Decision making Negotiation Attention to Detail [...]

What Are Soft Skills & Why They Matter2021-08-02T21:17:52-05:00

What You Should Bring to an Interview

What You Should Bring to an Interview One thing you can do to stand out right away in an interview is to show up prepared. Most people show up to interviews empty-handed. You will appear planful, considerate, and responsible by showing up to an interview with the following things. A Copy of Your Resume Most people don't think to bring their resume because they assume the interviewer already has a copy of it. However, it shows proactivity and thoughtfulness on your part by bringing a couple of extra copies of your resume to the interview. Although the interviewer may have a digital copy, it's good to have a physical copy to review in person.  Also, there may be more than one interviewer in the room, and often times only the primary interviewer has reviewed your resume beforehand. Plus, after you leave, they will have something to remember you by. This will help you stand out [...]

What You Should Bring to an Interview2021-07-26T18:03:31-05:00

3 Reasons to Attend a Career Fair

With the world starting to go back to "normal" post COVID-19 vaccine, career fairs are being scheduled across the country! It's definitely possible to complete your career search online, but attending a local career fair offers many advantages for career seekers! A career fair is a lot like Speed Dating for a new job! Here are 3 Reasons to Attend a Career Fair:  Opportunities - This is probably the most obvious reason. Attending a career fair provides you with career opportunities. A career fair offers you the chance to speak with dozens of potential employers. This gives you the opportunity to learn about industries or companies you may have otherwise never considered. You can also talk to recruiters and expand your knowledge about an employer you've had your eye on. Career fairs open up a lot of opportunities for job seekers! Practice - The first time you walk up to a potential employer, you will [...]

3 Reasons to Attend a Career Fair2021-07-07T19:52:28-05:00

Interview Skills to Help You Stand Out

Interview skills are obviously important to help you land the job, but in some cases, employees may be very qualified for the job, but have underdeveloped interview skills. Here are some tips to help you stand out during the interview process. Be Confident It's easy to let nerves get the best of you, but the more confident you appear, the more likely the hiring manager will trust your abilities. Confidence can be portrayed with body language, or speech. Make sure to speak clearly, eloquently, and timely. Don't rush through sentences, or trip up on your words. Keep your head high, make eye contact, and speak with ease. If you aren't sure what to say, ask a follow-up question before answering. Practice really helps here. You can practice with a friend, or one of our career coaches. Use Effective Non-verbal Communication Non-verbal communication is very important in an interview. Smile and make sure to make eye [...]

Interview Skills to Help You Stand Out2021-06-30T14:43:23-05:00