Have you ever been dating someone for a long time and had to answer the frequently asked, “So, are you two ever going to get married?” That question gets seriously old after a while, huh?! Or, maybe you took the marriage plunge and then were faced with the ever popular and incessant, “So, when are you going to have a baby?” (insert…nudge, nudge, poke in the ribs, big grin)

We’re an inquisitive culture, aren’t we? Always wanting to be ‘in the know’ and asking questions that may be seemingly harmless at their root but start to feel intrusive and quite annoying as they’re asked repeatedly, especially by the same person. These inquisitive folks in your life will most likely be just as interested in your unemployment as they were in your dating relationships and plans to reproduce.

If you have not already become familiar with hearing the “So, how is the job search going?” question, then you need to get accustomed to hearing it. Many people, in all different parts of your life, will want to know if you’ve found a job yet and, if not, how the prospects are looking. This may be a question you’re fine with answering a dozen times over, or, more commonly, it may strike a nerve and leave you not knowing exactly how to respond.

What we’re offering to you today are some possible answers to these questions that will politely let your friends and family know what’s going on without forcing you to go into great detail. While you may grow tired of hearing the questions, you appreciate the sentiment behind the questions, right? I mean, it’s nice to have people in your life who care enough to ask. Let’s just figure out how to politely answer them before they rattle off every question in the “how to encourage the unemployed” book..

We’ve selected a few of the most popular questions asked with some possible polite, yet concise replies. Remember that the journey of looking for a job is one without borders, and it can take time to sharpen your skill set and develop yourself to the point that you feel ready to apply for those big jobs that you always thought were maybe unattainable. Keep reaching and preparing yourself, and allow us at Platinum Resumes the pleasure of coming alongside you to figure out a few areas that might have you feeling stuck. The journey of looking for a job should be hopeful and encouraging, despite the setbacks that will inevitably occur along the way. Don’t let these questions deter you or depress you, but stay on track and keep your head up.

  • “How long have you been looking for a job?”

….reply with: “I’ve been searching now for a fair amount of time, but I am content to wait for the right job to come along rather than jumping into the first opportunity I get.”


  • “What do you do all day since you’re not working?”

….first, bite your tongue. Then, reply with: “You know what they say. Looking for a job can be a job in and of itself.” Or, if you happen to be busy with a new project, then you might say something like this. “Well, in between my job research and application procedures, I am managing to find a bit of spare time to work on [insert project].”

  • “Do you think you’re being too picky?”

….while tempted to reply with, “Don’t you think you’re being too nosey?”, you could consider replying with, “Well, my goal is to plant myself in a job which will bring out my best work, and I am willing to take on a great number of interviews if one of them will bring me that job.”

  • “If someone offers you a job, don’t you think it’s foolish not to take it?”

…reply with: “Sometimes those circumstances aren’t as simple as they seem. Did you watch the Royals game?” (or any such changing of the subject)