Why Invest in a Professional and Uniquely Designed Resume?

Great question! Why aim for a job which will pay you what you deserve? From skilled laborers to college students seeking competitive internships, entry-level professionals to C-level executives, any individual who intends to find success in their career can greatly benefit from having a Certified Professional Resume Writer design their job-search package. Such an investment ensures that you will stand out among other applicants, an advantage you cannot afford to pass on.

Kansas City Professional Resume Writer – Guaranteed Results

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What Is Involved in Producing an Elite Resume?

Developing a professional resume can be broken down into just three steps. The first step is capture a helpful snapshot of your background, skills, and achievements, as well as a powerful and colorful description of what makes you unique among your peers. Your resume can be considered the cinematic trailer to the actual movie, which is your full story. Just like in the theater, you want that preview to be compelling enough to draw the viewer in and want more, to propel you forward to the interview stage.

The second step is to ensure your resume is optimized on a keyword basis, to resonate with the online parsing systems scanning your resume before a human ever sees it. We are experts in this and know how to give your resume every possible chance of being pulled automatically by fine tuning the details.

Third, once all of the content factors are in place, we strive to ensure your documents are cohesively branded together in a way that will really stand out to the reader. A given job opening may generate hundreds or thousands of applications and resumes, and we have a track record of moving you beyond the masses to the interview pile.

What in the World is a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW)?

Starting in the early 1990’s, the CPRW was created to bring some standardization and quality control to the growing number of resume writers online. There are many sites out there which will provide a template with the information you provide, do not allow you to speak with a writer, and provide very little quality or benefit at all. The CPRW is a four-part test including a mock resume and cover letter creation exercise, which is then judged by a qualified panel. Less than half of applicants are awarded the distinction, assuring you there is a genuine backing to the caliber of writer you are hiring. You want a CPA handling your taxes right? You want a CPRW handling your resume! To ensure your writer is certified check out www.parw.com for a listing of CPRWs by state.

Do I Get to Claim My Resume as My Own Once PR is Finished with It?

Absolutely. Our process includes presenting you with a draft which is edited in collaboration with your feedback. Once you are pleased with the final copy, we will then provide you a Word and PDF document of the resume. You will be able to make any necessary changes to your resume moving forward, and we will remain readily available to assist you with future revisions or additions. It is important to note that not all resume services work in this fashion. Many other companies will help you in the future but charge you for any and every modification you wish to make!

What Must I Provide for You to Create My Resume?

Our process begins by having you provide us with your existing resume, as dusty as it may be. There is no need to update the document for us because it merely provides the skeleton of your career history thus far. If you are starting from scratch with no resume at all, that works, too! Next, we will ask you to complete our Career Supplement Questionnaire, which will ascertain the additional details of your work history, skills, achievements, education, training, and career ambitions. While completing this worksheet, there may be questions that arise. We are here to talk with and coach you as needed! Once you have returned this questionnaire to us, we will have a resume draft for your review within 7 business days.

Will My New Resume Guarantee Results in My Job Search?

Yes! If your new resume hasn’t provided the interviews you were hoping for within 12 weeks of working with Platinum Resumes, we will speak with you about strategies to implement in addition to revising your resume free of charge.

See details here https://www.platinumresumes.com/results-guaranteed/.