Layoffs are never enjoyable for anyone involved, but often times an unavoidable reality at some point or another. As part of a severance package, our team has served groups of up to 100 outbound professionals providing exceptional resumes, cover letters, references, interviewing skills, and LinkedIn profiles, with consistently outstanding feedback. These individuals have backgrounds ranging from a multitude of administrative and operational facets to manufacturing and mechanical labor forces, and over the past 10 years, we have served professionals from nearly every industry and position type.

There is no better way to enhance those professionals’ ability to land new employment than our services, and also makes them feel great about themselves during a challenging phase of their careers and lives. It serves as a tremendous boost to their confidence and we love hearing about the doors it opens for them in the competitive job market. This also reflects well on your company, letting your entire staff know you care genuinely about their success. We offer discounted group rates and would be happy to speak with you in detail about what we can do!

Is your company located somewhere other than Kansas City? No problem! We are able to execute what we do from anywhere and make our team available to yours remotely. Should you need on-site assistance we are often able to accommodate that as well. Just contact us discuss your unique situation, call 816-986-0909 or email We appreciate your interest in Platinum Resumes and look forward to talking with you!

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