Regardless of profession, it is of paramount importance to have an exceptional resume, cover letter, references dossier, and LinkedIn profile. This is especially true of salespeople at all levels, from entry level to Vice Presidents and Directors. If you are in sales you know the competitive nature of the discipline, and that you must stand out among your competition to win business. The same is true in seeking an ideal sales job opportunity. You must find a way to differentiate yourself on your resume so you have the opportunity for that face-to-face interview!

What goes into an exceptional sales resume? First is a well-branded format. You never want pictures or anything overly distracting for a professional role, but a tasteful layout with a small bit of accent color is a good approach. You also want to be sure to brand your cover letter, thank you letters, references document, or any other information you send to be branded and formatted consistently with your resume.

Second, focus on your ACHIEVEMENTS for each position you have held. Separate these out from your RESPONSIBILITIES (your day-to-day duties) in such a manner which will make them pop. It is useful to bold numbers and other key data. Show a company your consistency as a great performer, and they will ascertain you can generate similar results for them as well. If you are seeking something in management or higher, be sure to capture the teams you’ve led, salespeople who have been successful under your leadership, etc.
Keep it to one or two pages and do NOT feel as though you have to state everything you’ve ever done. Think of your resume as the “preview” to the “movie” which is your full story–thus the simple goal of your resume is make them want to know more and bring you in.

As a salesperson, you must not overlook LinkedIn! It is a very powerful resource both in job seeking and making connections as an employed professional, and you need to shine. Make sure to have a great head shot, which is not you at the last happy hour holding two beverages. Write a concise summary stating what you are passionate about, what you can do for a company or client, and the type of person you’d like to connect with Include a few areas in which you specialize as well. Be sure your Experience section is consistent with your resume, and captures all of the relevant achievements you are able to share (do not state any numbers which are private to a current or previous employer).

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