Finding yourself looking for a job can sometimes be a pretty tricky place to be, right? So many details to consider, and each company is probably asking you to go about providing those details in different ways. Whether you are on the job search fresh out of school or looking for something new after years in your current job, pulling together documents and resources for a hiring manager can be a daunting task.


Over the years, we have discovered that many of our clients have gotten stuck along the job search path when it comes to writing a strong cover letter. Resumes tend to carry more of a format, whereas cover letters remain a bit more obscure and harder to wrap one’s head around. There are questions of confusion as to what is technically supposed to be included with this letter. There are those who feel they should not omit any details and provide far too much information about the ins and outs of their previous jobs, while others see their cover letter as simply a means of saying, “Hey, sir. I’m Steve, and just a heads up that I want this job. Peace.”


We decided it might be helpful for you to have a few tips for writing your next cover letter! While this task may be perceived as more of an afterthought with a more informal tone than your resume, it is most definitely still a piece of your job application process that can move your name to the top of the list or send you sailing to the bottom. That said, it is important to see the impact of this letter and do your best to deliver a top-notch product into the hands of your potential employer.


Without further ado, the ABC’s of Cover Letter Writing…


AAccomplishments should be pertinent and detailed. Although there is the urge to really pat yourself on the back here and let them know how awesome you have been in your career, it is important to pick out the highlights that are most pertinent to the job you are pursuing and that best define who you are as a force in your field. Do not sell yourself short in this concise presentation of what you have to offer, but make sure that you are sharing the accomplishments that best describe the asset you would be to the particular job at hand.


B – Be confident in your mission to convince this company that you are the right individual for the job. Do not paint an exaggerated picture that is untrue, but don’t be afraid to make bold statements about what you have done before and the potential that you have to do again. Employers don’t want to see someone who is shaky on how qualified or ready they are for this job. In contrast, they are looking for someone who exceeds their expectations, an employee who already knows that they will soar in this future position.


C – Call Platinum Resumes when you find yourself still stuck in this writing process. It is not a sign of weakness but of wisdom to seek advice from a professional in the field. We have had the pleasure of seeing a sigh of relief on so many client’s faces when they realize that they can lift this burden from their hands and place it into ours. We will take your efforts and accomplishments and organize them in a layout that will catch the eye of your potential employer and move your name right up to the top of the stack.


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