Do you love your job? Great. Do you plan to leave anytime soon? Probably not? Well, good for you! But, just because you have a job doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be looking elsewhere. As you reside happily in your current position, you can still be working toward a happier and more secure career path by keeping your eyes and ears open for other opportunities.


As we exist in our own little worlds day after day, we have to stay connected to all that is going on around us and stay current with the changes in trends and in job markets. Such changes will affect our future whether we realize it or not. Things may be smooth sailing now, but we can never fully know what awaits us around the corner. As we wait, why not prepare ourselves? Why not take a look at what else is out there as we’re daily evaluating all that we want out of life?


There are three areas to contemplate as you are looking at other jobs, reasons why looking for a job while you’re technically “not looking” isn’t a bad idea. Keeping your resume dusted off and staying sharp on your interview skills are a must. Stop for a moment and think through each of these as you consider your circumstances.


It Gives You a Goal… Have you ever found yourself looking at a job for which you weren’t quite qualified? You go ahead and apply because you’ve got a good-looking resume and solid career history, but those certifications or years of specific experience sure would look nice. Well, get crackin’. If you know the jobs you have on your dream list require more experience than you currently have in certain areas, then start now by gaining said experience. Even though that particular job probably won’t be available years down the road, you will be better equipped to find something of that same caliber.


It Helps You Piece Together Who You Want to Be… Career paths these days are much less linear than you used to be, and there is much more leeway to jump around here and there. You don’t have to climb the corporate ladder rung by rung if your vision is to skip around a bit or to climb a different ladder altogether. As you are evolving in your career and discovering more and more about your strengths and interests, you may just find that a different type of job path would better suit you. Keeping a keen eye on other jobs out there will allow you to see possibilities for your future if you ever decide to switch gears.


It Gives You a Worse-Case-Scenario Plan… If unexpected news comes your way and you find yourself without a job, wouldn’t it be nice to have a plan B? Having a list of potential jobs that would fit what you want and need is always nice to have at your disposal. Closely perusing the latest job openings on some of your favorite websites is a great way to keep your list updated in the event that your worst-case-scenario plan is called into action.