Everyone wants to be liked… yet, not many of us have a lot of coworker that we actually LIKE to be around. Working closely with people can be difficult. We sometimes see our coworkers more often than we see our own family. It’s tough to be around anyone for 40 hours a week—especially someone you dislike. So, how can you avoid being the person that people try to avoid at work? Here are 5 ways to become more likable in the office.

  1. In the words of Kendrick Lamar, “Be humble!” No one likes someone who toots their own horn, or brags about their work. Being a know-it-all is a great way to turn off your coworkers and create coworker disdain. If you receive recognition for your work, accept it with humility and thank anyone who helped you achieve your goal. Acknowledge your own weaknesses, and ask your coworkers for help when you need it. Generally, most people like helping others, and it makes them feel good to be able to show off what they know. Accept the help with humility.
  2. Be friendly. Smile, and look people in the eyes in the hallway and the breakroom. Ask people questions about their weekend, their commute that day, sports, etc. Show people that you care about them, and it will make you appear much more likeable. People like to be liked, so if you show others that you like them, they will automatically like you more.
  3. Be positive and polite. No one likes the complainer in the office. No one wants to hear about how rough you have it, how bad your head hurts, or how much you have on your plate. Don’t complain. If you don’t have something positive to say, don’t say anything at all. Don’t add to other’s stress or create unnecessary drama by being negative or impolite. You want people to feel better being around you and not feel like their energy was totally drained listening to your rant. Just try to be pleasant, and people will innately start to like you more.
  4. Know when to be quiet. It’s not always in your best interest to share your opinion, especially if it’s unsolicited. Sometimes it’s okay to let people learn from their own mistakes without you pointing them out. If you must call out another person’s mistake, make sure to do it privately, not embarrass them in front of a group. Treat others how you would like to be treated, and know when to keep your mouth shut. You don’t want to come off as condescending or a know-it-all!
  5. Always be willing to help. I sign my emails, “As always, please let me know if you have questions. I am happy to help!” Everyone on my team knows that they can come to me with questions, and I will always be willing to help them find the answer. Being willing to help others with a smile, without making the person feel stupid for asking, and being sincerely helpful will make you much more likeable.

VIDEO: 5 Ways to be More Likable at Work