Applying for government opportunities through can be a cumbersome process and requires a resume format very unique from civilian applications! You must be sure their system will pull your resume based on keywords and other factors to move on to the next steps in the hiring process, so the format and approach you choose are critically important. Even if you are hoping for an internal transfer when already employed with the government, their parsing algorithm must choose your resume to be considered.

Here are two main steps in the federal hiring process. Step one is a review by an agency staffing department to see if minimum requirements are met based on resumes and questionnaires. Step two is a series of assessment tools chosen by the hiring official to see if the candidate has the knowledge, skills, and abilities to fill the position and see if they are a good fit for their organization. To succeed in each phase of the federal hiring process, it is vital to understand how it works and what to expect.

We are grateful to have staff experienced in navigating the federal hiring process, which can help clients prepare a phenomenal government resume and can coach them on the ins and outs of the entire process. If you are considering a role with the US government via, we can craft the optimal resume to give you the best chance of success at each phase of the hiring process. In addition, we can provide coaching on how to prepare for a federal interview and what other assessment tools you may see along the way.

Considering opportunities in both the civilian and government realms? No problem! We have had many current/former military and other professionals in this situation, in which we create two separate resumes to meet both needs properly. These clients have had tremendous success in opening many great new doors, and we’d love to work with you as well.