So you’ve completed your new resume and LinkedIn profile and are very proud of them. You get in the door for your dream job but are not fully prepared to nail the interview. Back to square one. We specialize in all phases of the job search process, which certainly includes the vital aspect of interviewing. Choose another valuable service, Interview Coaching, and our coaches will work with you on how to answer the toughest questions, including the classic “Tell me about yourself” and “What is your biggest weakness?”
Client enlisting interview coaching help from Platinum Resumes, Kanasas City, MO

More importantly, we will teach you how to understand and articulate your personal brand to a potential employer and concisely express to them everything you have to offer.

Increase your success with Interview Coaching

Even if you are a strong interviewer or have conducted them on the other side of the table, we are certain we can enhance your effectiveness. 

Even the best players have coaches. Sharpen your skills, and get comfortable with the interviewing process again or for the first time. How many interviews do you want to use as “practice” interviews?  How many interviews will it take for you to land your dream job?  Don’t take chances with your chances. Prepare yourself for an interview that could change your professional life. Fill out the form below or call us at 816-986-0909 . Hire Platinum Resumes Interview Coaches to prepare you for your next interview. Who knows? It might even be your last.

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