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We get asked a lot of questions about our Resume Writing Services. If you have a question that isn’t found here, please fill out the contact form and we’ll address your question personally!

How much do professional resume writing services like yours cost?Our FAQ and answers, Platinum Resumes, Kansas City, MO

The costs for a professionally written resume in Kansas City by a certified writer can range from a couple hundred to a few thousand dollars. Because we serve such a wide array of professionals ranging from college students to C-Level Executives and offer our clients a multitude of career-advancing services, we have to get to know just a little about you and your unique needs; before we can give you an accurate quote. Keep in mind your resume and other touchpoints will serve you extremely well for the rest of your career, landing you more substantial opportunities and better pay statistically.

What does your resume writing process include?

After a brief phone call, we can advise the best service package for your individual situation. Once on board with us, you will receive a career assessment worksheet to ascertain the necessary details (along with any existing resume you may have), which you will complete and return to us. As you do so, we are available for guidance at any point. Once we have that worksheet back, we will get rolling on your new resume and other services! They will be back to you in 7-10 business days, often sooner, and we offer rush upgrades as needed for those “need to apply within a few days” situations. You will receive a PDF and Word version of your resume, and we are here for any edits you may need.

If I contract with you for my resume, can I reach out to you for updates in the future?

Absolutely! We have been around for over ten years and will be here for you as your career grows. Our clients often reach out for updates to their documents overtime to keep them fresh, and we charge a nominal service fee for the time involved.

I saw a resume service online for $50-150; why would I use a company like yours over one of those?

There are many great resume writers and many more services that will leave you wishing you came to one of the great ones first. Our advice is to first and foremost make sure they are a certified resume writer, that you can speak to the owner or your writer personally, and their online reviews are many and very strong!

Do you meet clients in person?

Following the onset of the COVID pandemic, we have modified our model to successfully execute our projects with mindfulness toward the health and wellness of all involved. Unlike the large, national companies out there, you have direct access with our team, including the owner, through your project’s duration and beyond! We can complete your services via phone and email without any sacrifice to the quality or results we have always ensured, and we look forward to talking with you.

What industries do you serve?

We have worked with professionals in just about every industry you can think of and handle standard civilian resumes, and GSA/federal government resumes. We do NOT currently offer CVs (the many-page documents typically required for doctors and collegiate-level professors). If you need a resume and a CV, we can execute that resume for you and provide an excellent CV template!

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