Are Resume Writing Services Worth It?

Think of resume writing services as an investment. Yes, there’s an upfront cost, but with the right resume writer, the payout will be more than worth it!

Imagine you’re a hiring manager and selecting who to interview based on resumes alone. You have dozens, if not hundreds, of resumes to sift through. Are you going to select a resume that reflects hours of time and attention to detail or one that looks like it was spat out by a free generator?

6 seconds. Resume Writing Services are worth it

According to TheLadders research, recruiters spend an average of six seconds looking at a resume before they make the initial ‘fit or no fit’ decision. Don’t let yours go to the wrong stack because of a blah resume. When you hire a professional resume writer, you substantially increase your odds of contact from recruiters, land interviews, and earn job offers.

To get a good haircut, you go to a licensed stylist, to eat out, you go to a restaurant with a Food Establishment License, and to get a quality resume, you should go to a Certified Professional Resume Writer. Professional resume writers know what they are doing; this is their job, after all. They have studied resumes, taken professional resume writing courses, passed an extensive resume writing certification process, and written resumes every day. They know exactly what it takes to make your resume stand out from the rest.

At Platinum Resumes, our resume writers are expertly trained and certified in creating top-caliber resumes. Our writers tailor each resume for the client and the position for which the client is applying. Each resume is optimized to pass the online parsing systems to showcase experience in a unique way with exceptional formatting appeal. Not only that, but our writers genuinely love helping clients find the career of their dreams–that’s why they became resume writers in the first place! Plus, we guarantee our services, so you have peace of mind with your investment. Call 816-986-0909 or contact us today.