The job world is always changing. With advancing technologies, corporate mergers, and a variety of workforce settings, adaptability is a more important skill than ever. Adaptability is defined as a skill or ability to change actions, course, or approach of doing things in order to suit a new situation. Do you consider yourself an adaptable employee? How can you become more adaptable?

It’s important to understand that there are multiple ways to reach the same goal. There’s not always a right or wrong answer. One person can add 8 +2 to get to 10, and another person can add 3 + 7 to get to 10. The end result is the same, but different people may find different ways to reach the same end goal. Neither way is wrong.

Stop complaining. Negative attitudes about impending changes set you up to fail. Try to stay positive about the future ahead. Know that there may be some growing pains, but when the dust settles, change usually stimulates a positive outcome. Try to see change as an exciting new adventure which will most likely improve your situation in the long run.

Remain poised and stay calm when unexpected things happen. Surprises will always happen in life and at work. You can’t control that; however, you can control your reaction. The way in which you react will determine your success (or risk of failure).

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