Are you mindful of all the opportunities that surround you every single day? Have ever you thought about how your demeanor, competence, and likeability during an everyday encounter can impact your next career move?  

The founder of Brightstar, a $10M/yr company got his start selling airline frequent flyer miles. While on a flight himself, he met the vice-president of the Bolivian soccer federation and was offered a job as a business manager. The co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs built his first small computer in a garage with a friend he made during an internship. Walt Disney, once fired for his lack of creativity, got his big break when he moved to Los Angeles with no money, and only the dream to expand his network.  

Have you ever thought about the fact that every day encounters are actually interviews in disguise? Daily interactions with the manager you report to, the peer sitting next to you, or the stranger on an airplane can present opportunities that will lead you to your dream career. You are interviewing for potential future career moves every day whether you realize it or not.  Your words, demeanor, and actions speak for your work ethic, and the people around you take notice. The networks that you build, and the people you come in contact with every day can make or break your chance at that next big career move.   

You never know who you will meet, where, or when your next opportunity will surface. That’s why it’s so important to always be prepared, willing, and remain open-minded to all of the possibilities that could show up in unexpected ways. In order to stay prepared, you should always have an up to date resume and LinkedIn profile readily available to share with potential employers. Let us help you prepare for the moment the opportunity of your dreams appears. Check out all of the professional services we offer to make sure you’re ready for your next big break! Give us a call at (816) 986-0909 or email us at today, and let us help you present the best version of yourself to the world!  Who knows, maybe the next time you’re on an airplane, you could be sitting next to a corporate vice-president who wants to check out your resume and offer you a job! 

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