If you’re in the midst of a job search, trying to get your resume to the top of the list and your foot in the door of that big interview, then you know how taxing the process can be. If you’re serious about landing that dream job, then you understand how much hard work should go into getting your act together and developing yourself as a future employee.


Many people mistakenly believe that getting a nice looking resume together is all there is to preparing yourself for your big break. Others understand that you need to have a good resume along with a legitimate cover letter and some killer interview skills. But, only a few of those seeking to advance their career understand that there is an element of introspection and self-awareness that must be coupled with the rest of the package.


LinkedIn has recently put together a series, How I Hire, that shares advice from some of the most well-known, successful hiring managers in the country. Each hiring manager shares their two cents worth on how to prepare for your next interview, looking outside the box and beyond the standard, expected questions.


Each of the hiring managers being interviewed, while sharing different perspectives, have commonality in that they are looking very intently at the character and heart of the individual being considered. They can easily read about your skills and job performance on the documentation that you have provided, but there are other questions to be asked and scenarios to be explored that reveal a passion and depth to you as a potential employee. Taking the interview a step further is a necessity in knowing whether or not you are the right fit for the job at hand.


So, as you read through the How I Hire series that is linked below, consider yourself and what you have to offer to that company that you’ve been dreaming about for months. Just as you know how fast you can type or how many millions of dollars you helped manage over the course of last year, you should also know where you passions lie and what it is that your coworkers love most about you.


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