There are many job seekers out there who have never heard of a Certified Professional Resume Writer. If you are currently hunting for a new job, you probably know that there are professional services out there that can help you with perfecting your resume and sharpening your interview skills. Many, however, do not know that there are certain individuals who have been through specialized training just to be able to better support you and your resume efforts.

Our team of Certified Professional Resume Writers, or CPRWs, have been through a process of certification that adds a depth of credibility to the world of resume writing. Now, sure, anyone who possesses a keen eye and has a talent for grammar can edit and tweak a resume. It is possible to find a friend or neighbor who can help you improve upon the basic document that you’ve written up yourself. However, if you have your eyes set on a dream job at a highly sought after company, then mediocre efforts will not do.

You do not need to merely get by with a decent resume, but you need to advance yourself to the top of the stack of interest by submitting a resume that has been formatted and written by a professional. If you choose to have a CPRW working for you, that means that you are utilizing a strategic career tool that will guarantee better results than you would have had on your own. Our influence upon your job application and potential interview experience will bring a greater depth to which your talents are articulated and your career history is displayed.

We know that hiring a CPRW will be worth the time and money spent on going with the Platinum Resumes team. Call us today to learn more about how quickly and easily we can get the ball rolling with your current job search!