New year, new you. Right? Everyone is still holding tight to their New Year’s Resolutions and plans for change. Whether we are holding a true allegiance to our new diets or exercise habits, the good intentions are still in firmly in place at this point. This time of year seems to find each of us hungry for a fresh start, a new perspective, and improved goals for ourselves and our careers.


Creating the best version of ourselves is something that we all dream of and hope to achieve as quickly as possible. For some it takes longer than others to reach that finish line, but it will inevitably take you a reallllly long time if you keep putting it off! Taking steps toward improvement can greatly affect our personal lives as well as affecting us professionally.


If you are currently on the job search or anticipate that you will be soon, then this call for improvement is very necessary in how you are putting yourself out there to potential employers. You know the basic drill – stellar resume, impressive cover letter, flawless interview technique. The triple threat needed to tackle any and all job opportunities. However, in addition to these essential items, there are other platforms on which you need to be marketing yourself and highlighting your strongest skills.


One such platform is LinkedIn. Maintaining a seamless and professionally appealing LinkedIn profile is key to gaining a larger volume of interest from hiring managers and companies on the lookout for anyone in your particular field. LinkedIn is constantly looking for ways to improve their services and techniques, and the most recent updates for 2016 are extremely helpful in efforts to further development your professional appearance and reel in the company of your choice.


These new improvements include…


Updated Job Postings – more insight into the job/company you are interested in, with ability to see who you are connected to at the particular company


Greater Emphasis on Skills – your LinkedIn Skills are now more useful and instrumental in gaining attention from recruiters than ever before


New Groups Experience – with a few different tweaks to the groups function, this avenue of connecting with others via LinkedIn is easier and more detailed than before


Different Messaging System – moving to more of a chat style than formal and lengthy messages


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