There are times when it is okay to blend in and times when it is imperative that you stand out. When you are in the midst of vying for highly sought after roles in a competitive market, there is no room for doing anything half-heartedly. Every piece of your personal brand needs to be on point and intentionally unique, and copycat versions of templates found online will get you nowhere other than the bottom of the stack of interest. 


If you want your resume and cover letter to stand out and draw interviews rather than waste baskets, then you need to seek someone who can help you develop a customized document that will highlight your strengths and turn heads in the process. Our talented team of job experts at Platinum Resumes have the experience it takes to know exactly what a hiring manager is looking for when he or she goes to review a new applicant. There has to be something that pops, that which says “I’m different, keep reading and consider me” rather than “I’m boring, quit torturing yourself and stop now”. 


custom cover letter shares a taste of your experience and skill set without stealing the show from your resume. This letter must be laid out in a fresh format that attracts the attention of the reader. It must say enough without saying too much, some black and white facts and figures mixed with colorful words that give you props that you deserve. 


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