Work Journals are a great tool to help you self-reflect, record progress, document achievement milestones, and help you grow. It could also be a place to write down your favorite  quotes, record feedback you’ve received, or jot down ideas you have. Journals are also a great resource to use when you have quarterly reviews with your leader. As with any journal, the way you choose to document, organize, and articulate it personal to you.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Write down and track your goals. Studies show that simply writing down what you want to achieve makes you 10 times more likely to accomplish the goal.
  2. Track positive quotes, motivational experiences, or reminders for yourself.
  3. Jot down personal notes that you don’t want to forget.
  4. Keep track of deadlines, tasks, and sub-tasks to stay on track.
  5. Monitor the number of unplanned tasks that you end up doing during the day to account for lost time on certain projects
  6. Journal about your personal growth, things you’ve learned, and growth opportunities that you have.
  7. Keep track of the amount of projects you’ve completed, and track measurable achievements.
  8. Monitor what extra courses, completed training, books, or certifications that you have completed.
  9. Write down affirmations for yourself, perhaps a daily quote that will help you stay motivated and positive through the day.
  10. Journal about your pain points, frustrations, and start thinking about how you can improve these.

Devote just 10 minutes a day to complete a daily work journal, and you will see many long term benefits for your career.