When is the last time that you’ve stopped to really evaluate the work that you do? Do you go throughout your day at your job mindlessly or with purpose? Many of us who spend long hours and days toiling away at our jobs rarely stop to consider the value and meaning that our work brings to our lives and to the lives of others.


The meaningfulness of our work, or lack thereof, can either bring a deep feeling of satisfaction to our lives or can present a void. Of course, we all have bad days. Sometimes coworkers are hard to deal with or current projects are just tremendously overwhelming. We have family stuff going on back at home that keeps us distracted at the office.


However, although there are factors that can sometimes cause problems in the workplace, there is something wrong with a job that is full of nothing but bad days. When you can find no purpose in your work, no greater sense of meaning and fulfillment, then it might be time to start asking yourself some important questions. Is this the right job for you? Was there once fulfillment that is now lost? Do you ache to search for meaning in another line of work but feel unsure as to how to get to that place?


There are a lot of remedies for bringing meaning back into your work or, perhaps, establishing meaning for the very first time. Some solutions involve staying in your current job and making necessary change within yourself or with coworkers, management, job description, etc. Other solutions, however, require you to take a step in a different direction and begin looking for a new and more meaningful job.


Journeying through that process of searching for a new job can be a difficult place to be, and it’s important to have good and knowledgeable resources on your side. Platinum Resumes is the company that you need to have in your corner throughout this journey.  We work with clients who need help creating a top-notch resume and cover letter to help them successfully compete for the job of their dreams. We also work to establish a professional references dossier and LinkedIn profile for our clients and can help ready them for the interview process.


Everyone deserves the chance to find a job that not only brings a paycheck but also a feeling of value and meaning. Give us a call today at 816.986.0909, and we’ll help you work toward that meaningful career!