Do you have the right friends in the right places? Are you the person who always seems to have a former friend or colleague in your back pocket at a crucial time? Or, rather, are you the person who is always watching the “other guy” gain ground with the appropriate connections while you watch and wait?


Having the right connections within your career field is a huge player in determining which jobs are within your grasp. Having a knockout resume and a fiery passion for your work will get you far but sometimes not far enough. There are times when knowing the appropriate person who can open the right door will secure an opportunity that would have otherwise been beyond your means.


A recent article by The Muse states that the odds of being hired for a particular position are 15% higher if you were referred by someone, rather than coming in as a lone wolf. Having another professional vouch for your aptitude and skill set is a measure of security that will set you above the other candidates being considered.


So, rather than watching the “other guy” get his foot in the door of companies that should be looking at you instead, start making things happen! Get out your calendar and start filling in any 30-minute gaps with conversations over coffee. Comb through your contacts, going back 5 years further than you might think, and reach out to all of those lost and forgotten coworkers and employers. You never know what sort of gold mine you might be sitting on, and all it takes is reaching out and establishing or re-establishing professional connections.


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