For those who are planning a big move, securing a job on the other end is often at the top of your list of concerns. Obviously you need to find employment, but, when you’re stuck out of town, there are certain limitations that you will face. Does that mean you give up even trying? Of course not. You just have to be diligent and have a solid plan of action.


You need to start by getting organized and making a list of the jobs and/or companies that are available to you in your new city. Once you have explored those possibilities within your industry, then narrow it down to the jobs that look the most exciting and align with your talents. You don’t need to go into a ton of depth, but you’ll want to research the bare bones of each company so that you have a better knowledge of the bar that is being set before you.


After you have created your list and done your preliminary research, then much of the rest of your work revolves around the power of LinkedIn. If you have never made use of it or never thought it be important, then you need to switch gears and get on the same train as everyone else! The contacts that you have within a company are a huge part of what gets you recognized and provides interview potential.


By reaching out to fellow alumni alone, there is a great chance that you are going to find a connection at multiple companies in this new city that you’ll be calling home. Rekindling former relationships will allow you to have eyes and ears in a career community that is currently foreign to you. Plus, pleading the case of being the new guy in town will help you bypass the issue of feeling like a nuisance. It’s a lot easier to reach out and ask about job leads and opportunities when your circumstances keep you from being there in person to look around.


So, the moral of the story is that research and networking are vital tools to finding a job from a remote location. Spend time on LinkedIn developing a network of colleagues, both old and new, and remain diligent in efforts!