Are you asking all of the necessary questions when it comes to your potential job benefits? Do you have a clear understanding of what exactly the company is offering and how to take full advantage of that offer? Many of us, when entering into a different job, are bombarded with the many details involved with starting something new. There are new routines to learn, a new office to get settled into, new coworkers and managers to get acquainted with, and many new policies and procedures to read about. However, in the mix of all the data overload, we often forget to take note of all the benefits that are being given to us in addition to our new salary. These benefits have been specifically designed and chosen for the company employees, and you are now a valued part of that team.

When an employer determines which benefits he or she wants to offer to employees, there is an intentional thought process involved. Of course, the company itself wants to benefit from these items and maintain financial strength and a solid quality of business along the way. But, the benefits are very much about the employee, as well, because that financial strength and productive business environment cannot be maintained if the employees are not doing their jobs efficiently. That is why benefits packages are important, efficient employees must first be satisfied employees. Satisfied employees are often a result of those that are well-rested with plenty of time off of work, healthy with plenty of opportunity to visit the right doctor, and well-educated with plenty of chances to attend work-related conferences and community programs.

Although we all know our fair share of individuals who always have something to gripe and complain about when it comes to their jobs and benefits, the majority of the work force can be satisfied and enticed with the right benefits packages. So, if you are just starting a new position or, perhaps, if you are already well established in your current role, it is never too late to stop and learn more about all that your company is offering you regarding benefits. Many people believe that their salary is the biggest benefit they are receiving, but many others would disagree. Again, employers have put time and effort into looking at their company population as a whole and trying to offer all that they can to keep their employees productive, happy, and healthy. However, many employers do a poor job of really spelling out all of the benefits that are offered. They pass the buck over to the HR rep, who is often too overwhelmed with the constant workload and does only the bare minimum to address benefits to new hires.

Most employees are left to figure out what all benefits they are being given by reading policy and procedure manuals, with terminology that often leaves their head spinning. Benefits packages would be much better understood if the management team or leading HR rep would take the time to create a spreadsheet or visual in which each facet of the benefits package was clearly listed and explained in detail, for, furthermore, to actually sit down one-on-one and discuss these benefits with each employee. But, since there are many companies that do not have the time or resources to make that happen, it is up to the employee to do the research and ask all of the pertinent questions.

So, if you are just starting out in the new office or have been there for a while but still remain in the dark, you can be your worst enemy in this department if you don’t step up and inquire. You will likely miss out on key benefits that are technically being offered to you if you do not gain a necessary understanding of all that is involved. Be bold and find out exactly what your package looks like because it was designed for you in the first place!