What help from Resume Writer do I need?

Founded in 2010, Platinum Resumes serves the Greater Kansas City area and clients nationwide. From our name, you likely assume we provide exceptional resumes, but that is just the beginning. Get help from a resume writer and other services we provide our clients.

A Resume that Results in Interviews

While we do many things well in this ever-evolving job search landscape, the resume remains the foundation. We are Certified Professional Resume Writers, and perhaps more importantly, we have created thousands of documents that optimally capture the true brand of our clients. It is much deeper than a flowery-worded list of all the places you don’t work anymore. It is a marketing piece for which you are the product; highlighting your skills, achievements, values, and character. We first seek to know you, what you are proud of, and what your dream is for your career before assembling your resume. It takes us a lot more time than one of the $99 template sites, but it’s worth it To complement the resume we provide a custom-written cover letter in addition to a references dossier, all branded together to create the basis of your results-driven portfolio.

We’ll take a look at your current resume for free anytime. In or near Kansas City? We’re happy to meet you in person.

Powerfully Optimized LinkedIn Profiles

These days, a strong resume is not enough. Ninety percent of decision-makers for professional positions are looking for you on LinkedIn. Further, your network is your greatest asset in finding the desired employment. Therefore it is of paramount importance your LinkedIn profile is as strong as possible and comes across as effectively as your resume. Proper headshot, customized URL, concise and well-branded summary, capturing your work experience ideally, we are experts in the execution. As LinkedIn becomes an increasingly expansive and useful job-searching and networking tool, let us ensure you are being found and looking great.

Interview Coaching Resulting in Job Offersget Help from a Resume Writer. Local Resume Writers, Kansas City Resume Writers, Local Resume Writers Kansas City

So, you have in your hands an outstanding resume and are implementing your LinkedIn profile to seek opportunities. We have gotten you a few interview requests from a few top companies on your list. Great. But it is all for naught if you don’t nail that interview! We can provide tips and tricks to accelerate your confidence, giving you every opportunity to be the one left standing among the other qualified applicants. We will teach you how to articulate your brand concisely and how to answer the tough questions, including “Tell me about yourself” and “What is your greatest weakness?” Perhaps there are many opinions on “right” answers, but we will provide ones that stand out as honest and exceptional.

Placement Help in Kansas City

We are not headhunters or recruiters. We are your career allies. As a natural result of doing what we’ve done for so many years, we’ve built great relationships with several excellent companies to work for. Often they need qualified candidates, and we can make matches. For you, this means we can help connect you with companies and opportunities at no cost to you. Our clients will tell you it’s great to have us in your corner, keeping an ear out for that perfect job.

Ongoing Career Assistance

Once most career services companies have completed services and you pay them, they return to being strangers. Not us. Once you engage us, we will be your career experts and advocates forever. We will talk with you about your career, help with your resume, and hone your strategy at any point in the future. We enjoy what we do because it transforms people’s lives, so we wish to partner with you instead of just being a one-time service provider.

Would you like to chat about your resume or career pursuits? Give us a call at (816)986-0909 or fill out the contact us form.  We look forward to speaking with you.


This article was originally published in March 2015 and has been recently updated.