No single approach to resume writing is fitting for all industries. A decision maker for a financial position is looking for vastly different content than what is being sought for a marketing, legal, or sales opportunity. Platinum Resumes specializes in that latter category, as sales professionals often seek better compensation and are highly competitive–making a professionally written resume a vital tool for success. Here a few tips we employ and suggest when creating a sales resume:


1) Numbers are key! An employer wants to know in quantitative form what you have done for other companies. Dollar amounts sold, percentage of quotas, percentage change year to year, the performance of teams you have led, the specific success of a campaign, etc. Remember also to include ways you have SAVED the company money or resources as these can also be powerful figures. When you have worked with a smaller company within an industry of large players, sometimes it is stronger to use percentages vs. dollar amounts (e.g. Exceeded quota by 150% within first year instead of exceeded $1M quota by $500k). Which ever metrics you choose, be sure to be consistent in stating your figures throughout the resume (do not use $1M in one instance and $1 million in another).


2) Qualitiative data is important too. Numbers should lead your achievements, but don’t be afraid to state the great things you have done which don’t necessarily have a figure to go along with them. Maybe you were selected by mangement to participate in an elite program or you aided in the creation of training materials. Perhaps you were highly effective in overcoming objections, dealing with vendors or launching new products These are absolutely relevant and worth sharing as they communicate your value from a qualitative standpoint. Don’t hide exclusively behind those numbers!


3) Be sure to use proper keywords. There is extensive keyword strategy professional resume writers use to improve the chances of clients’ resumes being caught by automatic selection systems. Look through job listings you may be interested in applying for, identify some consistent terms being used and include them in your text.


Remember that a strong resume aids not only in finding a job or a better job, it can also support your stance when you are seeking stronger compensation with a current employer. If you are in sales and would like some further insight give us a call or email us at!