How to Manage Back-to-School as a Working Parent During Covid-19

With cases of Covid-19 rising across the nation, most schools are reopening virtually this fall while workers continue to work from home. It will be difficult for working parents to strike a balance juggling the demands of parenting while meeting demands at work. Managing projects and sticking to deadlines is hard enough on a normal basis; let alone try doing it while also tending to children who are schooling from home.

In order to be successful when schools reopen virtually, it’s important to set boundaries.

Create a schedule to plan your days ahead. Plan when to start to your work day, and when you can take breaks to help your child(ren) with their schooling. This will require some planning, self-discipline, and effective time management skills. The key to making back-to-school and working remote a cohesive success is to developing a support system and set reasonable expectations with your boss, your child(ren), and teachers at school. If you can, try to get a family member who is not working to come over and help when needed. Put a sign on your office door that says “When this door is shut, Mommy/Daddy cannot be disrupted.” Schedule meetings around your child’s class breaks. Make sure to set aside time to prepare lunch and enjoy a break with your child. It’s really important for you both to socialize during the day, and to make sure your child feels important.

Sacrifices will have to be made…but in the end, you will have fond memories of extra time spent with your family.

Sacrifices will have to be made regarding what you do in your free time, but think about the time you are saving not driving to work, or dropping your child off at school. Use that extra time wisely. You will have to skip out on some activities, tell your child “no” sometimes, and rearrange your work schedule. You also need to make sure you are taking care of your own needs like getting enough rest, socialization, and spending time with other adults. This will make sure you are on the top of your game when you need to be most.

The road ahead of you may seem daunting, but this time can also be very rewarding. Despite the unfortunate nature of the circumstances, if you manage this time successfully you will have fond memories of extra time spent with your family.