How to Overcome Common Resume Challenges

When coming up with the information for a professional resume writer to help you with your resume, you may have a few challenges. Here are some of the most common challenges that we help our clients overcome.

1) Lack of Experience

Our certified resume writers are experienced at showcasing skills and talents, not just job experience. You may have more experience than you think. Provide our resume writers with a summary of some of your extracurricular  activities, skills, and achievements. Be sure to include any relevant education or certifications that you possess.

2) Gaps in Employment

With many career layoffs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, career gaps are easily explained. Our resume writers will help you smooth over any gaps on your resume. Don’t be discouraged over career gaps. Employers understand the nature of the job market and will not discard your resume just because you were laid off, even if you have been searching for awhile.

3) Changing Industries
This is another common question and a challenge which can be overcome with a strong resume. Our resume writers will help you showcase your talents and experience that do apply to the industry which you are pursuing. Keep an open mind when listing your skills, as many skills can be cross-functional. Review job descriptions you might be interested in and match your skills with what they are seeking–just be able to defend them if asked!

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