The job market right now is very competitive, and you may be wondering how to stand out as a job seeker in this type of market.

Here are 5 strategies to help you stand out among a pool of applicants:

  1. Research what kind of jobs are in demand and look for positions in those areas. Pursuing a job in a field that is actively growing or high in demand will improve your chances at landing a job.
  2. Showcase your skills with a professional resume, cover letter, and utilize an online networking site such as LinkedIn.
  3. People skills are often what land you the job. You may not be the only applicant with technical skills, but if you are the only applicant with technical skills and people skills, you will get the job. In order to stand apart you should exhibit teamwork, reliability, work ethic, and strong communication skills.
  4. Don’t wait until you need a job to look for a job. If you are interested in leaving your current position, or if you are nearing graduation, take your time to hunt for the perfect position for your skill set. Don’t wait until you’re miserable in your current position or desperate for a job. Hiring managers can always sense the desperation, and it can make you appear less valuable when you interview.
  5. Try to get a foot in the door first. This could mean finding someone who works at the company on LinkedIn and inviting them to coffee, then asking them to pass along your resume, doing an internship, or performing freelance work. Do something that gets you in on the company before pouncing on the opportunity.

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