Regardless if you have been the one who’s waited until the night before to throw something together or have already been thinking through your outfit for a week prior, the decision still awaits you. What to wear? It’s a question we all ask ourselves every day and every occasion. But, a question that carries a lot of weight when preparing for a job interview.

Knowing what to wear is half the battle of the interview itself. Whether or not you look professional or sloppy could play a huge role in determining if the hiring manager sees you as suitable for the position at hand. Why take a chance at ruining your only first impression? Why look anything but your professional best?

Platinum Resumes is here to offer our services in preparing you for your dream job in many ways.  We can make you look phenomenal on paper, do wonders for your LinkedIn profile, and guide you through the preparations for interview questions and so forth.  We cannot, however, come into your home and dress you for your interview. That ball is in your court! But, despite our limited help in dressing you for the big day, we can offer some super helpful tips to bring you success.

Know the Company Culture – As a prospective employee, you either want to match or exceed the general appearance and dress code of those that are already working in the office. Experts in this field will admit that there are circumstances where business casual attire is deemed appropriate for a job interview, particularly for a creative position, but for the most part both men and women job seekers should wear some form of a suit.

Summer Interview Attire

Beat the Heat – When  summer is upon us, many people consider it time to rethink their job interview wardrobes. However, most company’s dress codes will not change with the weather, and you do not want to appear subpar for your first impression. In order to stick with your professional attire and not melt in the process, there are a few things you can do in transit. Take off one article of clothing, keeping perspiration to a minimum and preventing you from appearing flushed and overheated. You may take off your jacket as you travel, but make sure you put it back on when you enter the building where you’re interviewing. Also, allow yourself some cool-down time. When the temperatures are high, you probably want to give yourself at least 15 minutes to catch your breath and freshen up between your arrival and the actual time of the interview.

Be Comfortable but Smart  – Do not try to squeeze yourself into that outfit that is two sizes too small, leaving you breathless and in pain throughout the job interview. You need to be free to think and respond without having to worry with how your clothes feel (too tight, too itchy, too revealing, etc.). You want to avoid loud and flashy prints and accessories, strong perfume or cologne, and anything else that might distract the hiring manager or office staff from seeing you as a very promising candidate.

Remember these few things, dress with class….and your first impression will not be quickly forgotten!

And remember, your resume gets you to this point! If you don’t have a professional-looking resume that gets the hiring manager’s attention, your interview attire will not matter.