It’s that time of year again where many employees decide to continue their education. Working and managing school is never easy, but here are a few tips on how to manage your workload.

1.Organize – Staying organized is critical to being successful balancing work and school. I highly recommend using a calendar, marking deadlines, and dedicating time on your calendar to make sure you give yourself time to complete your assignments. Personally, I am old school–it helps me to write things down in a planner.

2.Prioritize – It’s super important to prioritize your growing workload. Prioritize based on weight of assignment, deadline, and importance. Then, set aside time based on the prioritization. I recommend starting each day with a list based on your priorities for the day, and check things off as you go.

3. Lean on Relationships Make sure to keep your professors and your manager aware of your schedule and any upcoming deadlines. More than likely, they will want to help you be successful with your overwhelming workload. Make sure to communicate your needs to friends and family as well. You are not alone; and most people will want to help when they can! Even if helping is as simply as leaving you alone to study.

I know it can seem daunting to be a full-tome student and employee, but speaking from experience, you will manage to find a way to get it all done. Rest assured, your hard work will pay dividends in the future.