Believe it or not, your education may be finally drawing to a close. It seems as though you’ve spent forever sitting through lectures and writing papers, but the day has finally come to leave your student role behind and step into the career world as a professional. The problem, however, may lie in the fact that you don’t feel like much of a professional yet. Or, perhaps, you feel like you are worthy of the label of professional, but you don’t think others give you the proper credit and recognition that you deserve.

Finalizing one’s education and stepping into the career world full-time can be a heavy and multi-faceted process. You have to find a job and bring home a paycheck. That, of course, is the bottom line. However, in order to land a job, you have to present yourself and your skills and knowledge to be superior to that of the other candidates. You have to find a way to bridge that gap between unprepared and confident, between scared to death and ready to conquer. The difference between the eager job candidate who lands at the bottom of the pile versus the candidate who soars to the top is, oftentimes, found in their level of preparedness and attention to pertinent details.

Platinum Resumes exists to bring those details and methods of preparation to each of our job-seeking clients. We know how stressful looking for a job can be, and we know how difficult it can be to take all of your hard work as a student and translate that into a package that a hiring manager will want to consider. Many people try to make that jump from the world of academics to the company of their dreams, but they’re not quite sure how to best equip themselves. We have years of experience in solving that problem and offering workable solutions, regardless of what career field you are interested in pursuing.

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