Whether you are on the job hunt fresh out of the university or have decades of experience under your belt, the process can be tricky. As you advance in your job search, the questions and concerns swimming around in your head become less about resumes and cover letters and more about interviews and the details of a potential job offer.


There are so many angles to be considered when looking at a potential job and the package that it entails. You plan to be dedicated to your work but want an adequate number of days off. You want to experience all of the perks that you’ve heard this company offers (after all, that’s part of the reason that you even pursued them to begin with), yet you don’t want to appear greedy. You want a decent salary but don’t want to be laughed out of the office when you offer too high of a figure. What, after all, is a fair offer?


For most, the negotiating part of the process is the most dreaded. Sure, it took you a while to produce a good-looking resume. And, yes, you spent a good deal of time picking out the right outfit and the right set of questions for your interview. However, none of the previous steps seem to cause you as much anxiety as the negotiation process can. You need to be on your game, sure of yourself and where you stand, yet willing to listen to the reasoning of your future employer…willing to flex but not to break.


There are many different opinions when it comes to what exactly needs to be said when negotiating your new job offer. If you feel unsure of how to approach this impending scenario, it’s best to consult a professional in the job search field. Platinum Resumes is a unique company in that the clients we serve are our forever clients. We generally take on clients to help them in creating a stellar resume, one which is guaranteed to gather 40%+ more attention from hiring managers than you would have likely gotten on your own.


We work hard to represent our clients well and help them to put an accurate and professional image together that translates to their potential employer all that they are capable of achieving. After the resume is polished and the interview prep has been discussed, there are often still those clients with questions as to how to approach the next phase of the hiring process. We are happy to work with those interested clients and assist in readying you for the negotiating process. Give us a call today at 816.986.0909 and find help in this stage of your journey!