Whether you are fresh out of med school, looking for a new nursing job after twenty years of experience, or diving into the medical world from a completely different career field, you can all find yourself in the same boat. Approaching the job market in the world of medicine is similar in many ways to your approach with a degree in computer science or filmography. You need to handle yourself professionally, write a good resume, dress well for your interview, develop a solid LinkedIn profile, and so on.


However, alternatively, the approach to finding a great job in the medical field can be very different from the rest and must be very specifically carried out. The language and terminology of your resume should match that of the position for which you are applying. Although you should be authentically you and represent yourself honestly, keep in mind that the ways in which you describe your former job experience or highlight your strengths and assets should be understood and applied within a medical setting.


At Platinum Resumes, we have years of experience developing job seekers within a large realm of career fields. We can help to take who you are and where you’ve been and hone all of that talent and ambition in on perfecting your resume and interview technique, and we welcome you to give us a call to get that process started. However, we haven’t taken the time ourselves to display our medical research over the years.


Thankfully, we have come across someone who has. Our friend, Audrey Clark, has developed the following infographic, and we hope that you find it very helpful as you further prepare yourself for your job in the medical field. Whether it’s your resume that needs tweaking or the need to write a curriculum vitae for the first time, these tips will help you better understand what the hiring management is most interested in seeing.



Infographic created by Carrington College and provided to us by A.C., audreyclarkwriting@gmail.com.