Is your career seeing a change in seasons? Have you grown tired of the same mundane job and decided to switch gears? As change draws near, we typically withdraw ourselves into a cocoon of fear and timidity, forgetting about the confidence that lies within us. We deny ourselves the opportunity to embrace a new season with excitement and drive because we begin to worry about the many details of it all.


When you feel as though you are grasping at straws and jobless for much longer than you’d intended, it can be tempting to throw in the towel and assume that you need to settle for less than you are capable of achieving. When facing a new opportunity, it’s important to stay focused and determined to succeed. You have to approach your job search journey one day at a time, keeping a keen eye on your gains just as much as your losses.


We have found that many of our clients are surprised at just how much they can get accomplished in one day’s time if they get organized in their approach. Having your ducks in a proper row is a great way to start the application process. You need to have ready a strong cover letter, a unique and flawless resume, and a solid references dossier. By ensuring that these documents are ready to send out at a moment’s notice, you can then open up the remainder of your free time for networking and troubleshooting purposes.


Being poised and ready is a crucial element to weathering the job change that is currently threatening to rock your world. Remain professional as you speak with recruiters and build relationships with potential hiring managers, and refrain from letting the “newness” of your new career path psych you out. And, as always, remember that Platinum Resumes and our team of job experts are only a phone call away!