Selecting the right a job means so much more than securing a paycheck.

Here are some top tips on selecting the right job for you.

Remember, compensation is more than base salary

The base salary is just that, the very base. On top of that, there is total compensation and benefits. Make sure to consider these all together. Consider what your taxes will be if you’re working out of state. Add up your total time and gas spent commuting. Is there a 401k match? Will you be eligible for bonuses or commission?  Is there room for career advancement opportunities; do you have a chance to receive a higher compensation in the future? Is the work-life balance suitable for your lifestyle? How many hours of paid-time-off will you be eligible for? Does the company offer tuition reimbursement for continued education?

Consider the company culture

Read employer reviews for valuable insight on the company culture.  You can find online reviews on sites like Glassdoor®, which share employee insight. Look up company website, social media, blog, or press releases to review the company’s priorities, future, and overall tone of the business. If you go through with the interview, be sure to ask questions about the company mission, hierarchy, and reward structure.

Imagine yourself working there

Consider your day-to-day responsibilities and see if you can visualize yourself there. Will your day-to-day job functions make you enthusiastic, or bore you? Can you see yourself being motivated in the position, driven to succeed, and happy in your role? While it’s easy to be blinded by dollar signs, try to really consider if you will excel and be fulfilled in the role. At the end of the day, the cost of happiness is worth so much more than money.