Your career game is only as strong as its weakest link. If you polish up a few pieces to perfection yet leave holes in your overall presentation, you are lessening your chances of being noticed. If you feel solid in your ability to interview well yet put a half-hearted effort into creating your resume, then you are selling yourself short of your dreams.


In order to be a worthy opponent in today’s competitive job market, you have to work hard to remain well-rounded. To recognize your weaknesses is one thing. Anyone can do that when faced with the right question. To conquer your weaknesses, however, is a feat that few choose to pursue. It is among those few that you need to find yourself.


Visualizing your weaker attributes and taking action to strengthen them will take you far in your current job search journey. Many people do well to highlight their skill set and to build off of those attributes when creating their resume. They can back up their claims with a solid list of key career accomplishments and ways in which their work has brought success to their respective companies. But, when you are fighting for the job of your dreams and surrounded by other talented candidates, every little bit helps when it comes to keeping an upper hand.


You need to sharpen your skill set and take the time to sit back and consider which areas could use some dusting off. Maybe you need more professional training in one area or more practice in another. Maybe you can reword your resume and LinkedIn profile to reflect truth but yield a more powerful punch than what you’ve had before.


Words mean a lot when it comes to representing yourself well as a potential job candidate, so strengthen your skill set accordingly and empower yourself to become the best you can be!