As end of the year reviews are fast approaching, it’s important to find ways to stand out in order to get a great review. There are many employees who come in to work, do their job, and leave. However, in order to be a stand out employee, you have to look for ways to go above and beyond your typical job responsibilities. This is what makes the difference between an average employee and a stand-out employee.

Here’s a few ways to stand-out in your current position:

  1. Find ways to contribute in a meaningful way. Think of ways to improve processes and procedures. With ever-changing technology, there’s almost always a more efficient way to do things by implementing a new program or process. Find ways to get things done more efficiently, and then speak up! Suggest ideas in meetings and offer up ideas to your manager.
  2. Go above and beyond. Do more than your standard job requirements. If your manager asks you to create a meeting maker, go above and beyond by outlining the agenda for the meeting, and sending out meeting notes after the meeting has ended. Think of things you can do to add value. Do that little bit of extra work to help the team succeed.
  3. Be proactive. Try to anticipate what needs to get done before necessary. Come up with a plan and anticipate any problems that could arise with the plan. Be prepared to fix any issues that arise. Do things that you know need to get done before being asked.
  4. Volunteer and offer to help others. When you have downtime, ask your teammates if there is anything you can do to help them. If someone requests volunteers to help with a project or event, raise your hand.
  5. Be an advocate. Try to stay positive and advocate for your company and your team. Never bad-mouth your colleagues, manager, or the company. Find ways to showcase the work your team has done and give kudos whenever prompted. Loyalty goes a long way in helping you stand out.

Be prepared to discuss specific examples of instances you have gone above and beyond for your review. Go into the meeting ready to share all of your exciting wins for the year, and you will definitely stand-out during your review.

VIDEO: Stand out at your year-end review!