Are you in the market for a new job here in Kansas City? Has your job search been going on much longer than you anticipated? If so, you are in good company. Many who are seeking a change in career are venturing down a long road with many curves and frequent detours.


In order to stay positive and keep your chin up, you’ve got to stay proactive in your job search. Each new application you submit is a new door to walk through, a unique opportunity which will look different than the one before. Your resume and cover letter must be structurally sound but tweaked here and there according to what is required of you. The competition will look different with each job opening you pursue, and you must market yourself so that you stand out among your peers.


Assessing each separate job application process for the unique experience that it is will allow you much greater confidence in your approach. You must do your research and know what exactly is expected of the person who will fill these empty shoes. With that knowledge in hand, you can then choose the right words and make the right connections to set yourself above the bar. We all know that networking is a huge part of gaining interview potential, and working to put the right people within your realm of influence is never a bad idea.


So…if this is you, applying for job after job yet remaining empty handed, then it’s time to reflect on what needs to change. Rather than throwing in the towel and wallowing in your disappointment, put that energy to better use. Start approaching each job application proactively by covering all of your bases.


Make sure that you are reaching out and making connections with the right people. Take time to alter your resume and cover letter, if need be, so that your skill set and key achievements highlight the appropriate focal points. Maintaining a proactive and intentional approach to each job opportunity you face will strengthen your chances of being noticed and landing the job of your dreams!