We’re all full of questions when it comes to striking the right balance in an interview. We know that we need to talk about ourselves but talk about the company, too. We want to put our strongest assets and finest accomplishments on display, but we need to prove, also, that we’ve done our research on the details of the potential job.


So, when it comes to talking yourself up, when have you maxed out? How much is too much? What cues should you be watching for? These are all questions that we’ve asked ourselves, and it’s time to find clarification on the correct answers.


The company of interest wants to hear more about what you can do for them than about your knowledge of their company. After all, they can google their company details, as well. They already know what makes them better than the other guy in town and why working for their company would be a great opportunity. Their precious time has been carved out of their day to hear about YOU!


So, that said, how do you determine when you’ve put it all out there on the table without putting too much? The key to success is practice. That means practicing in front of the mirror as well as in front of a friend of colleague. You need to have a plan as to what exactly you are going to say about yourself and your potential as a future employee.


You also have to learn to watch for a few things. First off, watch the clock when you are practicing for your big interview. Take note of the time spent talking on different topics and try to keep a balance about it. You don’t want to ramble about yourself for 10 minutes. It’s possible to pack your punch into a shorter span of time.


Secondly, you’ll want to watch your hiring manager for facial expressions and body language. Although some experienced interviewers have a pretty solid poker face, you should be able to tell when they have heard enough and are ready to switch topics. Being ready to draw to a quick close and move on to the next subject is an important move to master.


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