Top 5 Questions to Prepare For to Nail Your Next Interview

Part 5: “What kind of salary do you expect?”   As we wrap up this blog series today, we are contemplating one of the toughest issues that job candidates will face in an interview, the discussion of salary. What kind of salary do you expect? What’s your bottom dollar when it comes to being compensated for your job? What salary range are you interested in?   The question can be asked in several different ways, but the answers must have little room for variance. This topic must be well thought out as you prepare for your big interview, and you must be very confident and direct as you ready yourself to approach the mention of salary.   An important point to remember is that it will be in your best interest to avoid answering any question pertaining to a desired salary range on the front end. This would be tantamount to someone asking what you're [...]

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Interview Tips to Enhance Your Confidence

“Interview invitations should really come with a warning: Strong feelings of excitement changing suddenly into dread are imminent upon receiving this invitation.” This statement, made by Lily Zhang, is the summation of the feelings that so many have journeyed through in the job search process.  You spend weeks searching and hoping to get a call or some semblance of interest from the jobs for which you have applied, but, when that phone call finally comes, you suddenly find yourself with knots in your stomach.  Wait…now they really are interested.  What’s next?  Now it is time to prepare yourself for the interview and prove that you are the best choice for this job.  There are several questions that are commonly asked in interviews that often leave the interviewee stumped if he or she has not done the proper homework.   Zhang discusses such questions in her article, 4 Common Interview Questions (and 4 Perfect Answers).  When [...]

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Tips to Help Nail the Interview

When it comes to advancing the careers of our clients, we like to go beyond providing a top notch resume and cover letter.  We have spent a great deal of time talking with people in a wide variety of industries, and naturally pay attention to trends and tips in the professional world.  Today I’d like to touch on a few thoughts regarding the step which comes after our resume got you in the door at your ideal employer—the interview. Be on time and dress professionally.  This seems like a no brainer, but at all levels I hear stories of these being neglected.  Give yourself adequate time to find where you need to be, and be sure to have the phone number of someone there in case you get lost.   When it comes to clothes, a shirt and tie is a minimum.  And, please, do not wear tennis shoes… Have your resume and other documents prepared [...]

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