The #1 Soft Skill Employers are Looking for Right Now

According to Udemy’s 2020 Workplace Learning Trends Report, a growth mindset is the number one soft skill employers look for right now. As we all know, this year has brought on many unique and unexpected challenges in the workplace. Employees need to be growth-minded and adaptable in order to survive this tumultuous time in the workforce. Soft skills like being adaptable to change, a desire to learn, and possessing a sincere interest in career development are invaluable skills right now. These all fall under the  soft skill of “having a growth mindset.”

Why is a growth mindset more important than ever in 2020?

The future workforce needs to learn new skills and be adaptable to change to survive this pandemic. We are in unprecedented times which is completely mixing up the way we do business. Employees who cannot adapt to change, or lose their wits when something unexpected pops up can be fatal to businesses today. Right now, employees must be able to recalibrate, reprioritize, and possess the ability to jump through hoops at a moments notice.

So, how can you become more growth minded?

Develop skills such organization techniques, enhance your learning habits, stop procrastinating, acquire agility skills.  Be honest with yourself; are you fixed in your ways? Do you complete work a certain way because it’s the most efficient way, or because it’s how you’ve always done it? Constantly look for ways to improve processes, and find new ways to get the job done quicker and better. Be flexible. When something abruptly changes, don’t freak out. Roll with the punches. Challenge yourself to seek out opportunities to grow. Be ready to help out the team when something changes rapidly. Always look for ways to grow and improve.