We have written here before about being unhappy with your job. Maybe you’ve lost the fire for your work that you once had? Or, even more disturbing, maybe you never had that passionate fire to begin with?


We are all surrounded in our careers by those who are going through the daily and weekly tasks that their job requires. Project after project is being completed, on-time and on-point. You may never hear a spoken complaint. However, how often do you see a smile on the face of such individuals? A sense of belonging and connectedness to their work?

These folks that we have described are often struggling with the concept of the Golden Handcuffs. Knowingly or blinded, they are being held down to their jobs, as unhappy as they are, because their pay and benefits are too great to be lost. They fear that the loss of their job will result in the loss of a compensation that will never again be matched!


These employees are often haunted by these handcuffs because they keep them trapped in a sad and hopeless situation, keeping up with the day-to-day needs that their job requires but doing so without heart for their work. Oftentimes, the employer is well aware that this individual may be drifting toward the exit door and will do anything in their power to entice the unsatisfied employee to stick around.


These enticements that the employer offers will usually offer a strong temptation to the employee, adding greater value on top of their already decent salary. Thus, the decision on whether or not to leave the job, and seek something which sparks a greater interest, becomes harder and harder. The weary employee must sit back and weigh the odds, consider their career possibilities with the probable permanent loss of such a comfortable compensation.


This can be a hard road to navigate! Thankfully, if this scenario describes you, you are not alone nor without hope for determining a happier future for yourself. As a company, Platinum Resumes would love to step into your circumstances and help you decipher what your next move should be. If you want to explore other career opportunities but are unsure of what your chances look like at scoring that top notch job, then you need to give us a call and we’ll get you that chance!