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What to Expect During the Interview Process

For many, the interview process is daunting and scary. At Platinum Resumes, it's our goal to help you feel prepped and ready for the Interview Process. The more you know and understand how the process works, the better prepared you will be. The first thing you need to prepare is your resume and cover letter. Our experienced and certified resume writers will assist you in [...]

June 17th, 2022|

Resume Tips for long-term employees

As a long-term employee, you might not know where to begin. You may have stayed with one company for so long that you haven’t updated your resume in decades. You may have taken some time off work to raise kids but have plenty of past experiences. There are many scenarios where job seekers are worried about keeping up with fresh-out-of-college job seekers who may accept [...]

June 3rd, 2022|

How to Research a Potential Employer

How to Research a Potential Employer When you go in for an interview, the employer would love to hear about your opinion of the company, and why you want to work there. Here are some ways you can research a potential employer to ensure it’s a good fit, and go to the interview prepared. First, check out the company website. Read the company’s mission statement, [...]

May 20th, 2022|

Why You Need a References Dossier

Why You Need a References Dossier Alright, you have a polished resume and an impressive cover letter. You're done, right? Don't forget about your references dossier! But, this should be the easy part, right? You can just put down one of your best friends at work; you know they'll vouch for you. Many people underestimate the importance of having quality references. It's more important than [...]

April 22nd, 2022|

How to Overcome Common Resume Challenges

How to Overcome Common Resume Challenges When coming up with the information for a professional resume writer to help you with your resume, you may have a few challenges. Here are some of the most common challenges that we help our clients overcome. And with our professionally, certified resume writing, we will create a resume that will overcome any resume challenges! 3 common Resume Challenges: [...]

April 8th, 2022|

How to Discover a Fulfilling Career Path

3 Ways to Find Your Career Path Whether fresh out of college or years into a dead-end job, how do you discover a fulfilling career path? Here are 3 simple ways to help you figure out what career would be a great fit and help you feel satisfied at work. Self-reflect - Think about times in your life when you have felt most happy--was it helping [...]

March 25th, 2022|

The Importance of Highlighting Accomplishments on a Resume

Should you Highlight Accomplishments on a Resume? It's important to share your accomplishments on your resume, and cover letter, and of course, speak to them during your interview. Hiring managers want to know that you are capable of successfully accomplishing goals. Accomplishments also help to show that you are results driven. Being able to highlight accomplishments is a very important part of the application and [...]

March 18th, 2022|

Dealing with a Difficult Boss

Dealing with a Difficult Boss Most of us will have to deal with a difficult boss at some point in our careers. A difficult boss may cause heightened stress, decreased productivity, and low satisfaction at work. We spend around 1/4 of our life at work, so our boss can have a substantial impact on our overall happiness. A difficult boss might micromanage you, talk down [...]

March 11th, 2022|