Returning to work once COVID-19 Pandemic state restrictions are lifted will be a unique experience. Some employees will be allowed to continue to work from home while service, production and maintenance jobs will likely be physically returning to work. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you are returning to your place of work.

Take care of mental health.

Many people are experiencing depression and anxiety right now, and in order to do well at work, you must take care of yourself first by putting on your metaphorical oxygen mask. Take care to be kind to your coworkers and offer grace and support when applicable. Notify your manager if you notice another coworker is experiencing emotional issues. These are challenging times, and it’s important for staff to take care mentally and seek treatment when necessary. Make sure to take care of your emotional and mental health.

Make cleanliness a top priority.

It’s important to be clean not just for you, but for the safety of others. Wash your hands before and after entering buildings, don’t touch your face or mouth with unwashed hands, clean and disinfect workstations, and make sure to follow the policies and procedures of your employer related to cleaning and disinfecting, work meetings and travel. Continue to follow guidelines from state and local authorities as well. Stay home if you have any symptoms of illness.

 Remain focused on the quality of your work.

With so many changes in the way we live and do business, it’s imperative to remain focused on the quality of work that you produce. It’s easy to get distracted with all of the new processes and safety guidelines. If your mental and physical health is in check, and you are practicing safety, do not allow any other distractions to ruin your workforce reputation for excellence at work. Focus on your productivity and level of service.