What an exciting feeling to have finally caught a glimpse of what looks to be the perfect job! As you scroll through the job description, you are growing more and more excited about the potential you are seeing. But, then….you get to the ugly part, the qualifications. The job sounds ideal, and you can definitely see yourself doing great work for this company. However, how can you get past this tricky issue regarding your lack of qualification?


Some scratch a potential job from their list upon realizing that they are underqualified, but we, at Platinum Resumes, are here to assure you that you shouldn’t be so hasty. Sure, being underqualified for a potential job is a hurdle to consider, but it doesn’t have to be a stop sign. There are many men and women who are building successful careers off of jobs that weren’t a perfect fit for their technical qualifications, and there are a number of ways to paint a picture of yourself as a qualified and confident candidate.


Shining on a resume and through the words of a cover letter are one thing, but you have to maintain that same confidence when it comes to your interview and potential communication with the prospective hiring manager. You want to make he or she excited to learn more about you and bring you on board with the company.


  1. Use Your Connections – or Get Busy Making Some. Getting a referral from someone who carries a lot of respect and credibility in their field can make a huge impact on the hiring decision at hand. There are stories upon stories of those people who may not have had all of the appropriate years of experience and accolades under their belt, but they had a former boss or coworker who could speak to their outstanding abilities and potential. Of course, we all want to stand strong and proudly gain favor on our own, but, sometimes, we must be realistic and admit that connections and networking allow others to make some headway on our behalf.
  2. Reach Beyond Your Obvious Skills and Abilities. Let your resume speak for itself. There is no need to continue reiterating what has already been stated for the hiring manager. Instead, you must do your homework and really think beyond the obvious skills and abilities that you bring. In addition to everything that is expected of a potential job candidate, what uniquely sets you apart? If you are a bit underqualified for this job, there is a reason why – something else you were doing with your time. Highlight that. Speak on the experience you had in an alternative career field and how that strengthens you as a prospective employee. In addition, we oftentimes overlook the talents and abilities that we exercise in our hobbies but not in our paid jobs. Bring that gifting to light for your hiring manager.
  3. Reveal Your Passion. A hiring manager is looking for warmth and competency from a job candidate. They want someone that reveals a personality and passion that excites them and seems a good fit for the work at hand. Even though you may not have every ounce of qualification that they are looking for, you can reveal your passion for your career and be bold in your desire to land this job. From the very first piece of correspondence with your potential boss, make sure you are showing how eager you are to be considered for this dream job.