Professional resume writing services can cost anywhere from $400- $2,000 per resume. These fees often vary between how many hours the writer invests in the project, your work history, and the credentials of your writer. When you hire a resume writer, you often get results directly based on your investment. In other words, you get what you pay for when hiring a professional resume writer.

A quality resume takes a lot of time, attention to detail, understanding of the client, and a professional resume certification is highly recommended. When you hire a professional resume writer, you are working with someone who has dedicated their career to crafting professional documents, and they often have years of experience catching employers’ attention & landing interviews. They are skilled in blending your work experience, personal goals, accomplishments, and education in a way that sets you apart from the competition.

The lower-end resume writers often use a template you could download yourself online, pre-written language that doesn’t reflect you as an individual, improper grammar, and files you don’t even own and must pay to edit. Be careful to fully research the company you use prior to giving them your money. If the company offers a guarantee on their services, then you can rest assured your investment will be safe. Remember price isn’t the only factor to consider. Ask to review resume samples the service creates so you’ll know if the quality of their work aligns with your expectations. You can also check out their website and blog to find out what the company values and the principles the company is based on.

Although the initial investment may seem expensive to hire a resume writer, when you hire an effective certified professional resume writer, you will receive more resume responses, additional income opportunities, and more job offers. In essence, it pays for itself in the long-run. Contact us today at 816-986-0909 to hire a certified, professional resume writer that guarantees results.