In the world we live in today, image is everything.  Well, let’s hope it’s not everything.  But, first impressions are definitely very crucial! The term image can be defined as, “the general impression that a person, organization or product presents to the public.” 2015 defines ‘image’ in two simple words: social media.


The way in which we present ourselves to the public eye is now much more of a public event than ever before in history.  Thus, just as you methodically and carefully choose what words and photos to post to Facebook in your personal life, your professional image through the lens of social media is just as telling.  Time spent developing your professional image is time spent vying for the future job that you are seeking.  What better venue to highlight yourself professionally than LinkedIn? A business-oriented social networking site that many use to stay connected with clients, former colleagues, and so forth.


It’s as easy as creating a profile and adding in some details regarding your education and work experience. However, as easy as it can be to create a LinkedIn account and get started making connections, the process should not be taken lightly.  In the competitive job market of today, your LinkedIn profile is as important as a good resume! The large majority of hiring managers will be looking for you on LinkedIn and combing through your profile. Fail to deliver a well-written and impressive description of yourself and your skillset, and fail to capture the attention of the hiring manager. Take action to ensure that your profile will not result in such a failed attempt at being noticed.


At Platinum Resumes, we, too, see the significance of a polished LinkedIn profile. Your potential employers will most likely be taking a close look at your profile and the way in which you are presenting yourself professionally, and we want to see you presenting yourself well! Whether you have little faith in the LinkedIn profile that you have previously created or you are naively starting from scratch, we are here to meet you in that process and ensure that your image via this form of social media will be well-preserved.