Your resume is more than just a piece of paper you must submit to apply for a new job. Your resume is a marketing tool that should reflect who you are as an employee. Many times a resume is your one shot at landing the job of your dreams, so what should your resume reflect about you?

Your resume should tell a story about where you’ve been and what unique experience you can bring to the table. Everyone has different career paths. Use yours to show off how your experiences have shaped you to be the amazing employee that you are today.

Your resume should showcase all of your amazing accomplishments. Don’t be the guy or gal who randomly brags about this stuff at dinner with friends or on a date. This is your one opportunity to talk about those awards you won in college and any special certifications you may have without coming off as bragging. Make sure to include all relevant education and accomplishments.

Your resume should also reflect what you’re passionate about. People tend to pick a degree or course of education that reflects their interests. What does your career history and education say about what you are most passionate about? And, does the career you’re applying for fit within your goals and aspirations?

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